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About Sneaky Fox


Sneaky Fox is a Danish brand with a unique ability to enrich fashionistas with a host of tights, leggings and socks. Sneaky Fox has been part of the the Danish fashion industry for 30 years. Sneaky Fox launched, in other words, the first collection of pantyhose on the street in 1986, and the brand is synonymous with two main collections as well as smaller collections, to be launched during the year and match the trends.


Design style at Sneaky Fox is characterized by a multitude of styles, color combinations and details. Our product range offers a wide selection of tights and leggings to match any look - whatever style and preferences. In addition, Sneaky Fox have a strong focus on quality and our selection of leggings and tights are produced in the fashion's homeland, Italy.


The wide range of leggings, tights and stockings from Sneaky Fox is enriched with the ability to spice up any outfit and are you the type who would like to bring your look an extra touch, you may want to invest in leggings, tights and socks from Sneaky Fox. In addition, Sneaky Fox synonymous with socks, leggings and tights, which can be acquired at favorable prices where everyone can afford to join.